About Me

About Me
Hi! I'm Xingyun (: I'm a big time scrapping fan, and totally love making cards and mini albums for my family and friends. I started exploring scrapbooking a few years back and couldn't stop after that! Haha.. To start off 2012 and with the encouragement from family and friends, I decided to have a little online 'shop' to sell some of my handmade cards! This little space here is here for me to share my work and other inspiring ideas from other scrappers too! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day! :D

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Hot Stuff~

Yay! Two more cards to add on to the Valentine Collection! Let me do a little introduction (:

This card is actually suitable for your valentine or a very good friend! The wordings - Some bunny loves you is stamped and heat embossed in silver. Cotton is glued to the clouds to create the fluffy feel and gives a more dimensional look too!

It's about 4" by 6" in size, empty inside and comes with a complimentary envelope.

Card Code: Bunny Love
Price: SGD$5.00
Status: SOLD! :D

The next card here is so suitable for someone who loves PINK!! Pink is the main color here, with a heat embossed hot pink heart and a baby pink ribbon. It's totally girly and sweet! This card is 4.5" by 4" in size, empty inside and comes with a complimentary envelope too!

Card Code: Pink Hearts
Price: SGD$5.00
Status: Available

For more pictures of the cards and envelopes, please go to my website to view! To order, E-mail me at snail-loves@hotmail.com (: Please like my Facebook Page on the right yeah! Thanks for dropping by!

Friday, January 27, 2012

New website!

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? I had a really busy weekend just cleaning up my room and putting all my craft materials back to where they should be. Haha.. I had a really bad habit of just leaving them around when I'm crafting. =P

Anyway! I had came up with this website to make your shopping easier! It's more user friendly where you can browse all my creations with ease, and the terms and conditions of sales are all there too! If you have any queries, you can use the contact form to send an E-mail to me! How wonderful right? Heh. But the bad thing is, you can't check out directly from the website! The shopping cart is not working. Just go read the T&C for more information ya? (:

So after resting for the weekend, I will start making cards again! Yupyup (: Hope to hear from you guys soon! Have fun this weekend too! Don't forget to visit me at my new website!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Lunar New Year!

Just before the Chinese New Year is here and everyone will be busy with visiting relatives and friends, my bunny and me are here to wish everyone a very Happy Lunar New Year! In this dragon year, everything will be great, everyday will be happy and everyone is healthy!!

That's my bunny Spotty doing his Chinese New Year greetings! =P

For all my non chinese friends, have an enjoyable long weekend with your loved ones!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

New on the Birthday shelf!

Just before the Chinese New Year is here, I have made this birthday card to add to the collection! I really liked the cotton twines that's wrapping around the card =p kind of make it less boring. Haha.. Anyway, this card has an embossed layered cake in front, and a "Happy Birthday" wording in it (: I just love heat embossing!

So here's the card!

Card Code: Birthday #01
Price: SGD$4.50
Status: Available

And this is how the Happy Birthday looked like in the card (:

Okay, have a great weekend everyone! And to order or if you have any enquiry, please email to snail-loves@hotmail.com (:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New stamps and flower technique!

Yoohoo~ Did you see I'm grinning? Hahaha.. My new set of stamps from Lawn Fawn arrived yesterday night! I'm gonna start making some new cards with these stamps SOON. So excited! I fell in love with stamping recently and couldn't stop looking at clear stamps from all the different companies. Totally love Lawn Fawn stamps' sentiments and their accompanying cute characters.

The good thing about clear stamps are they are CLEAR! Haha.. You can always see what you are stamping and where you are stamping. In addition, you can even try to curl your stamp and make your sentiments appear the way you want them to be! They are just so versatile!

Oh, sharing this video here with you from Split Coast Stampers - the Ribbon Flower Tutorial! It's so cool! Maybe I will make a card with these flowers soon too.

Stay tune for more updates! :D

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Friends are the Best!

Hey guys! I'm here again with some new cards that I've made. The good thing about them is they can be given at any day of the year! And this set of cards will be perfect for the coming Valentine's Day too (: Who said only couples celebrate this day? =P Friends too! So to make things short and sweet, let me introduce you to these little cards below!

This set of cards are about 3" by 4.5" in size, featuring flowers and butterflies that are really sweet for friends! They are blank inside so you can write long messages to your best buds! What's best is they each come with their own complimentary envelopes!!

Card Code: Friend #01
Price: SGD$4.00
Status: Available

Card Code: Friend #02
Price: SGD$4.00
Status: Available

Card Code: Friend #03
Price: SGD$4.00
Status: Available

Card Code: Friend #04
Price: SGD$4.00
Status: Available

Remember each card is one of a kind! So to order, please email to snail-loves@hotmail.com (: For more information, please visit my Facebook Page! Click the 'Like' button while you are there! Thanks for dropping by!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Be my Valentine!

Oh yeah! In time for Valentine's! Made 2 cards for Valentine's this year (:

I call this card - Amour which is a French word for love! I used sweet colors for this and it will be perfect for your special girl! It's blank inside, so you can write all the love essay you want. =P It comes with complimentary envelope and free normal postage (:

Price: SGD$5.00
Status: Available

Next we have this card made of Kraft paper (which I like a lot!!). I named it Love Birds, sweet and simple with a blank inside. So you can write all you want inside too! It comes with a complimentary envelope and free normal postage (:

Price: SGD$5.00
Status: Available

All rights! Email me at snail-loves@hotmail.com to order! Remember to like us on Facebook on the right :D

Monday, January 2, 2012

To start 2012..

Hello everyone! My first post for this little blog I created to share my work and sell some cards handmade by me! :D

Maybe I will do a little self introduction here. I love scrapping and making cards and mini albums for my friends, loved ones and also to remember certain special occasions in my life. Then I found out that I really like making cards and mini albums and am better at it too. I like reading crafts magazines and I usually get inspirations from it and from things I see in my daily life.

So to start off 2012, I decided to give it a try to start my own 'shop' and sell these cards that I enjoy making =P Here's the first card I made for 2012 for my boyfriend, with tiny scribbles in it. Heh.

Have a great 2012 everyone! Do drop by frequently for updates on new cards on sale! :D Like my Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/snail.loves too!